St. Fergal's Parish, Bray, Co. Wicklow, Ireland

Baptism Team



St. Fergal’s Parish.

The Baptism Team assists Fr. Jimmy McPartland with the celebration of Sacrament of Baptism. This is a process that is both supportive and enriching.

About the middle of each month, the Parish Secretary sends a list of those to be christened to the Team Members who are scheduled for the following month.

Baptism Team members work in pairs. Their first point of contact with parents is when they visit the homes prior to the Baptism meeting. This is to inform the parents of the meeting which is held in the Church on the Monday preceding the First Sunday. Team members facilitate the Baptism meeting, explaining the Theology of Baptism, the Baptism Ceremony, the symbols used eg. the Water, Oil of Catechumens, Oil of Chrism, the Blessing of the childs ears and mouth, the Baptismal Candle, the White Robe. If parents have any questions about the Baptism, the team members help to clarify any queries. At the meeting each family is given a task to perform during the Baptism eg. a Reading/Reading of Psalm/Prayers of the Faithful/Parents’Prayer.

On the Baptism Day, the two Baptism Team members welcome the families to the Church and show them to their seats. They make sure that all families have their Candles and the Christening Robe. They also make sure that those who have been chosen to do Readings/Prayers etc are present and that they know where to go. They distribute the Booklets to family members prior to the Ceremony and collect them again afterwards. As part of the Baptismal Ceremony, the Baptism Team members  welcome the newly baptised into the Christian Community by reading the prayer of welcome. Following the Baptism, the team members direct a parent from each family group to the Sacristy to collect the Baptismal Certificate.

Baptisms are held in St. Fergal’s Parish on 1st and 3rd Saturdays of each month at 12.00 noon.

There are presently 13 members on the Baptism Team. We work in pairs and as we are given a Yearly Rota in advance, we are only needed about twice yearly to help out with Baptisms in the parish.

New members are always welcome. If interested in joining the Baptism Team, please leave your name and contact details into the Parish Office and the Co-Ordinator of the Baptism Team will make contact with you. Training will be given in advance.


Parish Secretary     01 2860980